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Below the Surface

LiquiJect, the leaders in single-pass sub-surface liquid injection and turf aeration, helps golf courses and other turf managers maintain their greens and fields with ease. LiquiJect, designed specifically for turf applications, is a melding of agricultural science with turf management.

Founded by agricultural industry experts, the SpikeWheel™ technology used on the LiquiJect system has been proven in the agricultural market since 1989. Farmers have tested and retested all components, from the dish design to the heavy-duty spring arm, on all types of soil and conditions. The solid dish of the SpikeWheel, used on the LiquiJect system, provides strength and durability and was designed for minimum maintenance necessitated by farming thousands of acres. Thus, when the need for liquid injection with minimal disturbance arose for turf managers, LiquiJect was born.