Features & Benefits

Waste-free Performance

  • Unlike conventional systems, LiquiJect performs two operations at once — precision placement of water-based solutions and aeration � allowing quick coverage of an entire golf course in one day.  
  • Turf remains usable, even immediately after aeration, because no soil cores are extracted.
  • Injection rate is adjustable by speed and pressure, allowing the LiquiJect system to be customized to virtually any type or condition of lawn.
  • Scientifically engineered SpikeWheel technology delivers soil surfactants where they are most beneficial — below the thatch.     
  • In early trials, turf treated with the LiquiJect system appears as healthy as turf treated with core aeration and provides faster results.  
  • Operational scheduling constraints are eased due to LiquiJect's efficient performance time and low turf disturbance.

Low Disturbance

Even on the most sensitive greens and fairways, the LiquiJect system leaves behind very little evidence of recent injection and no unsightly or messy clods. Minimal disturbance and faster, more efficient operation allow clients � rather than your maintenance crew � to spend time on your turf.

Efficient Application

By placing liquid products directly into the soil at optimal depth, LiquiJect gives the plant immediate access to nutrients, effectively speeding turf health and promoting growth.  By contrast, surface-applied liquids often evaporate or fail to penetrate the thatch, triggering product loss and wasting valuable time.

Better for the Environment

  • LiquiJect technology delivers liquids below the surface, directly to the roots, decreasing human and animal exposure to chemicals.
  • Placing fertilizer at the root zone optimizes absorption and growth potential, resulting in healthier turf.
  • LiquiJect eliminates waste by ensuring that all product is delivered directly to the target area, unlike surface-applied liquids that can evaporate or bind to surface residue before absorption, resulting in product loss.
  • Sub-surface injection minimizes runoff, making LiquiJect the best choice for injection of liquids in turf adjacent to bodies of water.

Precision Rate Controls

LiquiJect systems are equipped with an easy-access distribution manifold.  Application rates can be set with accuracy from 30-150 gallons per acre, customizing the care your turf needs.  Precision monitoring systems are also available.

Next Generation Technology

  • Innovative SpikeWheel design and engineering allow for minimal disturbance during injection by accurately directing product flow to each point entering the turf.
  • Each LiquiJect SpikeWheel is independently mounted on its own spring arm for proper downward pressure.  This allows flexibility for following the contour of the turf, while protecting the wheel itself from obstacles such as rocks and roots.
  • Universal mounting brackets enable the LiquiJect attachment to be used on most tractor models.
  • With tank sizes ranging from 30 to 100 gallons, our models were created to suit a variety of injection and aeration needs.
  • Usable on slopes up to 25%.

Economy of Use

Compared to other systems, LiquiJect offers:

  • Elimination of tethering to water supply which increases mobility to reach all vast areas of a course or field.
  • An absence of high pressure reducing maintenance and safety risks.
  • Capability to inject liquids not compatible with high-pressure systems.
  • Designed efficiency for inexpensive use on larger areas to increase substantial water conservation over an entire course or field.